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Three new yoga classes in Racour

Three new yoga classes in Racour

THREE NEW YOGA classes will be launched from SEPTEMBER 2022 in Lincent (Racour), on the border of Flemish Brabant, Walloon Brabant and the Province of Liège!

1) Yoga for ADULTS,

2) Yoga for CHILDREN,

3) Yoga for ADULTS-CHILDREN (in duet, around the relationship between the adult and the child)

FRANÇAIS, NEDERLANDS, ENGLISH, everyone is welcome.


Each YOGA class is adapted to Your needs, Your goals, Your body.

It doesn't matter if you are flexible or incredibly stiff, it doesn't matter if you are very sporty or sedentary, it doesn't matter if you are a man or a woman, we offer you an à la carte course, Fully adapted to the presence of All participants, according to their needs, their desires, their limits, their challenges.

An exploration of "body" and "mind" balance, a space for fulfilment and strengthening through movement and breath, an improvement in your health and your limits: a YOGA class for everyone one each.

Welcome all

Who am I ?

Barbara Radomme Yoga Dunky:

Yoga and Meditation teacher diplomas obtained in India and Belgium

Training in “Full Consciousness/Mindfulness” (Belgium and India)

Specialization in:

Hatha Yoga,

Ashtanga Yoga,

Yoga Vinyasa,

Power Yoga,

Yoga Athletes: Amateurs and Professionals,

Adult Yoga,

Senior Yoga,

teen yoga,

Kids Yoga,

Yoga Adults-Children,

Perinatal Yoga (Pre- and Postnatal: pregnant women and women who have given birth),

Yoga For Osteoarthritis,

Yoga For People With Disabilities,



Mindfulness/Full Consciousness,

Yoga Nidra,

Doga: Yoga with his dog.

Where ?

Rue de l'Yser 43, 4287 Lincent (Racour)

Interested? Do not hesitate to contact me :

P: 0499 433718

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